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  Currently we only accept credit card payments through Paypal. Other wise ordering has to be done by check or money order.


  If paying through Paypal please fill out the form below and hit submit. I will then get back to you with an invoice through Paypal for the stock. 


  If paying via check or money order simply fill out the form below and submit it and I will send you a printable invoice through email. You can then print It out and send it with the payment.  Shipping will be $15 for stock and forearm sets. Shipping for a single forearm or a single stock will be $10


Lead Times Vary but generally are around 3 weeks.







First Name         

Last Name         

Street Address   



Zip Code             



Phone #              




Paypal email address where you want the invoice sent to.

(Leave Blank if paying by check or money order.)                      




Would you like the stock to be finished or unfinished? Unfinished stocks will need some sanding and finish applied. Checkering and inletting is done already


    Finished          Unfinished


Please select wood type



If ordering a fancy grade stock please indicate the Blank # in the box below



Please select the gauge below


    12 Gauge


    16, 20, 28 Gauge


Please select stock style below if ordering a stock


   Field style stock with Winchester B style checkering


   Field style stock NO checkering


   Monte Carlo style stock with Winchester B style checkering 


   Monte Carlo style NO checkering


   Straight English style stock with diamond checkering.


   Straight English style NO checkering


Please select forearm below if ordering a forearm.


    Forearm with Winchester B style checkering


    Forearm with diamond style checkering


    Forearm with broken diamond style checkering


    Forearm with NO checkering



Please select any extra services you would like to add to your stock.


    Install graco adjustable cheek peice.


    Install graco adjustable butt plate. The “length of pull” will adjust in or out 1 1/8 inches and the pad plate will move up or down 1 1/2 inches, and can rotate to any   comfortable position “toe in” or “toe out”. A positive locking system will hold the adjustments in place without slipping.


    Limbsaver installed on UNFINISHED stock


    Patchmayr 325 white line pad installed on an UNFINISHED stock.


    Limbsaver upgrade on a FINISHED stock. (A patchmayr 325 white line pad comes standard with a finish stock.)



Finally is there any comments that you would like us to consider please submit them in the box below.




contact info:

Jacob Meyer

4901 Duxhall Dr

Lincoln Ne 68516